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It's easy to say but, the bottom line is, ... we genuinely care.  Trust must be earned so go ahead, be skeptical.  AxSellerated Development was created out of an altruistic desire to help people overcome obstacles to success. Everybody has a unique and individual purpose. A reason for being here.  Most people who feel lost, most people who believe that they have absolutely no idea what it is that they’re meant to do, people who have little-to-no recognition of what their true purpose is … those people, deep down inside, all know their purpose. They’re simply too distracted to see it.

All throughout a person’s formative years, he or she is frequently subjected to the opinions of well-meaning friends and family who often attempt to influence that person down the path that they feel is what is in that person’s best interests.  Messages received containing phrases such as, “Do this.  Don’t do that.  Be this.  Don’t waste your time with that.  It can’t possibly earn you a solid living.”  Every time a person hears a phrase like that, it places another layer of sediment on top of that individual’s true purpose, masking that purpose, and pushing it deeper and deeper into that person’s subconscious abyss.  Pursuing a purpose solely for the obtainment of money can also obscure one’s true purpose.  Money can always flow.  Following one’s true purpose is the key to success. 

Let AxSellerated Development help you to clear away that sediment.  Let us assist you in identifying and embracing your true purpose.  And then, once realized, we’ll help you obtain it by formulating and executing a tangible strategy to help you actualize that purpose.

Put plainly and simply, we want you to succeed – personally and professionally. That's what's important to us. In order to succeed, YOU must bring the passion and desire to the table.  And that's when WE take over.  You want to be successful?  Of course you do!  But success requires more than passion and desire.  You need the tools: knowledge, skills, processes, organization, strategies, and confidence.  And that’s what we provide.

For our success coaching and self-realization clients, we will work with you one-on-one, in person or virtually.  For our mortgage industry clients, we will teach you what you need to know to originate mortgages effectively, compliantly, and abundantly.  To do so you must know the fundamentals, the rules that you must follow, and the effective strategies to implement.  AxSellerated Development will take care of all that for you.  Tailored to you as an individual or organization.  Relax.  You've found us!  When you're ready to take your career to the next level, reach out.  We'll earn your trust.

Overview & Introduction

Mortgage Training

Imagine waking up one morning appreciating a burning desire to practice law.  You have no previous legal experience aside from Law & Order reruns.  You reach out to a local law firm to learn the process to become an attorney and . . .


The Mortgage 101 Boot Camp

So now that you’ve taken and passed the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing Exam and are on your way to becoming a licensed mortgage loan originator, may we ask you just one question?  Now what?  Are you prepared to hit the streets originating mortgages after only 20 hours of pre-licensing education?  Do you have any idea how to appropriately respond to your customer when they ask you why they have to bring $900 to the closing table after you’ve assured them that all of their costs are included in the loan?  Could you answer them in a credible and intelligent manner?  Are you prepared to abide by all of the industry’s rules, federal, and state regulations knowing that falling short could lead to civil or criminal sanctions?  Prosecutions for compliance failures have become commonplace and ignorance is never a plausible excuse.


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Benefits to You

  • We’ll help you create customers excited to refer new business your way.
  • We’ll give you an edge over your competition.
  • We’ll teach you how to do things right the first time.
  • Classes held on your premises.
  • We’ll come to you.
  • Book a class for your bank, credit union, or mortgage company today!

Why Should I Train? Why Should I Train?

If a police officer stopped you for driving 65 in a 50 mph speed zone, do you think she would consider an excuse that you thought the speed limit was 65?  Of course not!  Just as ignorance of the speed limit is an invalid excuse for speeding, ignorance of mortgage industry regulations is not a viable excuse for violating them.  Many mortgage companies simply lack the resources needed to train their employees, instead relying on hands-on experience.  But, considering how regulatory examiners are actively pursuing non-compliant loan originators and holding them accountable for violating the rules, can you afford NOT to train?  And, considering how an employer can and will be held responsible for the actions of its employees, can an employer afford NOT to train them?